Staffing Why Companies Use A Staffing Agency: Top Benefits From Our Clients Perspective

Why Companies use a staffing agency


As their manpower needs increase, we have the ability to staff quickly with qualified candidates

Ability to increase and/or decrease the manpower based on the client’s needs

Hiring can be risky, a staffing agency allows the client the ability to start an employee at their place of business while on the staffing agency’s payroll. This gives the client a chance to see if the candidate has the qualifications required for the position. (Try before you buy)

Save Time

Provide the ability to hire faster

Prescreen and qualify candidates prior to meeting with our clients

Ability to quickly fill vacancies (i.e. cover employee leave of absence)

Test the candidate’s stated expertise and knowledge with skills assessments

Clients are able to focus on their deadlines and let the staffing experts focus on the company’s personnel needs.

Industry Talent Shortage

Staffing Agency has the global reach for qualified candidates and a number of resources to find the candidates for the client.

A quote from a client:

“We have a requisition open in the system and a stack of resumes for review but haven’t had the time to review the resumes”

Area Manager

A quote from a client

“I got buried with an RFP deadline and haven’t had time to look at resumes”

Vice President & General Manager