Interviewing What Makes A Good Resume

What makes a good resume AM

Accuracy and simplicity is the best format.  Do not over embellish, state the facts and your experience.  There are resume templates available on the internet.  Be sure to write a clear objective and apply to those jobs that are in line with your career path.  Use keywords that are relevant to the position you are applying for.  And for heaven sakes, double check your spelling errors.  This is a reflection of your attention to detail.  When you list your work history, put the most recent experience first, not the least.   Employers receive hundreds of resumes and scan them very quickly.  They may think you haven’t worked in a long time and your resume may end up in the trash.  If you are planning to relocate to a different state, write a short sentence stating so.  Do not include any confidential information such as social security or date of birth.  I would suggest you do not include your street address but do include city, state, zip code and make sure you include your phone number and email address.  And for crying out loud, make sure your mailbox is set up and not full so employers can leave you messages in case you missed their calls.