Work Life Tips for Time Management

I think we can all agree there is never enough time in the day to finish what we set out to do. With today’s fast paced work environments, having a daily plan is a must. There are many helpful apps, timers, weekly and daily planners out there to keep us organized. Any one or combination of them will help to keep you on track with your daily goals.

I prefer to write a list of all the tasks I hope to accomplish each day. They are prioritized by deadlines and needs of the office overall. I always go through my email first thing each morning to see if there is anything pressing or that may take precedence on anything on my list. If there is I just prioritize them into my list. I also move my emails to folders as soon as I have addressed them so as not to clutter up my email box. Just remember to be realistic and plan for setbacks because you cannot stop unplanned interruptions.

Throughout the day I line through items that are complete. This keeps me motivated and feeling accomplished. Whatever I am not able to finish I will add to my next days list of tasks until they are completed.