Work Life Texting Etiquette – 5 Simple Rules

Texting Etiquette 5 Simple Rules

Text messaging is the fastest way of communicating in the business world.  It’s quicker than typing up an email and easier than picking up the phone and calling.  With that said, it is not always appropriate to send text messages to clients.  Here are 5 Simple Rules to texting in the business world.

1.  The first rule…  avoid abbreviations

While personal texts are filled with abbreviations, it’s not recommended for business.  Abbreviations look casual and are not businesslike.  You want your message to come thru clear without your recipient having to clarify what the abbreviation means.   

2. Avoid emoticons…

Again this looks very casual and not businesslike.  A text with emotiocons will be less likely to be taken seriously.

Do: get right to the point

Don’t: have details in it

Do: make sure the purpose for the text is there

Don’t: make it long

Enough said!

3. Don’t type in all caps

Just like in emails, typing in all caps comes off as yelling.  You wouldn’t want to shout at your business contacts face to face, so why do it by text?

 4. Be prompt when answering a clients text.

Even if to say your in a meeting and you’ll get right back to them.  Normally a client will use a text message to get a quick answer.

As a final precaution, be careful to make sure you are texting the right contact.  

If you have business contacts mixed in with your personal contacts on your phone or device you need to make extra sure you are texting the correct person.