Interviewing How To Patiently Wait For Feedback From An Interview

You completed our process and have interviewed with our client for a position you absolutely want.  How exciting!  You had a great feeling about the interview and the position is such a great fit for you.  You are anxious to hear what the company thought of you and wonder if you will be offered the job.  347 Group will always communicate updates to you.  We are just as excited as you are to hear their decision.  Sometimes our clients need a few days to think on their decision.  It doesn’t mean that they didn’t choose you.  There may have been more than one person that was involved in the interview so it is a team decision.  Perhaps our client is making changes and moving individuals within the department to see what their needs will be.  Managers have a very busy schedule and have many priorities requiring them more time before he/she adds another employee in order to give the new employee the training and attention he/she would need.  Whatever the reason, please be patient.  347 Group will communicate to you all updates we receive from our client in a timely manner and final decisions.  We are very excited to make that call to let you know you got the job! 

Some tips on how to obtain a possible timeline on the employer’s decision:  You may want to conclude your interview with the question, “When would you be making your final decision”, “What would be the next steps?”, or “When can I look forward to hearing back from you or 347 Group?”.  Remember a thank you note goes a long way. 😊