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Consulting Services

347 Group provides environmental consulting services to large engineering and environmental firms, utilities, and government agencies across multiple sectors including:

  • Water Resources
  • Land Use Planning
  • Federal
  • Energy Resources

We engage with our clients to provide environmental solutions that illustrate insightful strategic analysis which helps solve problems and provide expertise in regulatory compliance and environmental management.

Our staff is composed of experts in geology, biology, archaeology, GIS services, site remediation and restoration, and more.

We provide an individualized approach to environmental challenges and manage sensitive compliance concerns.

Tom Lagerquist Director of Environmental Services

Mr. Lagerquist has over 30 years of experience as an environmental planner and project manager. He specializes in siting, development, and regulatory compliance for large scale energy, water, and natural resources infrastructure projects.

His specific areas of expertise include multidisciplinary regulatory compliance (CEQA/NEPA, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act), remote sensing/aerial photo mapping, natural resources assessment, linear facility siting, and Geographic Information Systems.

In addition to our Staffing & Recruiting offering, we are thrilled to be able to provide these in-house Environmental Consulting Services – adding to our capability to serve our clients as a strong DVBE/SDVOSB partner.

Our environmental services include:

Energy Resources

347 Group offers siting and routing, project planning, policy implementation and public outreach for various energy sectors including power plants, pipelines transmission lines, solar and wind, nuclear, thermal, oil and gas. Featured projects include siting and routing, environmental compliance and public outreach for the Hughson-Grayson Transmission Line and the Suncrest Dynamic Reactive Voltage Support Projects. 

Land Use Planning

347 Group conducts studies, organizes planning and policy, coordinates siting and routing, and facilitates regulatory compliance for land use planning. Project directors created plans and policies for PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Power Plant and Turlock Irrigation District’s Wildfire Plan.

Water Resources

Our team is experienced in flood protection, developing plans and policy management, and water quality management. 347 Group was a leader in the Sacramento Riverbank Protection Project and is an active consultant and coordinator for the San Joaquin County Mormon Slough Levee Repair Project.

Federal and Military Agencies

Our administration staff prioritizes organization and thoroughness when it comes to Federal/Military projects. They are familiar with the regimented processes for organizations such as FEMA and USACE and coordinate response to disaster relief, emergency repairs and grant management. Past projects include Miramar Long-Term Ecosystem Monitoring of Fauna, the Nimbus Fish Hatchery Weir Replacement, and CalFed Levee Stability Program.

Biological Consulting

Our skilled biologists have experience in natural resources assessment and regulatory analysis. Additionally, they have a keen understanding policies protecting natural resources in California, and protocols established by state and federal regulatory agencies including the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Our team of biologists also work to conserve, restore and enhance aquatic biodiversity and sustainability. They see projects through from field surveys and research to predatory fish removal and habitat restoration. 

Specific Services Include:

Biological Monitoring, Field surveys, Preliminary site assessments, Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report, Natural Environment Study, and CEQA/NEPA

Compliance Monitoring

Our skilled monitors ensure all project regulations are met, from on-site compliance inspections and evaluations to off-site data collection, report submittals and agency correspondence.  Our expertise expands across all Federal, State and Local Agency regulations within any given sector.

Cultural Resources Management

Our archeologists have decades of cultural resource management experience throughout California. They have completed cultural resource investigations under the regulatory framework of CEQA and Section 106/NHPA in both the private and public sectors. They have a wide range of investigative skills, archival research, field surveys, site recordation, construction monitoring, mitigation plans, testing plans, and summary reporting.

Specific Services Include:

Cultural Resource Management of the Built Environment, Sections 106 and 110 NHPA, CEQA, Field Survey and Documentation, Mitigation and Monitoring Strategies, HABS/HAER/HALS and NRHP Documentation, Public Outreach / Education, and Oral History Recordation and Transcription

Fish & Aquatic Resources

Our experienced biologists oversee the activities that occur in and around any and all screening cultivation areas, private and public, monitoring fish growth, maintaining equipment, prepping food, distributing medications and coordinating with other resource areas and agencies.

Geospatial Services

347 Group helps clients with their geospatial and GIS needs, including many forms of mapping, survey support, schema data formatting and conversion, and even drone imagery collection/mapping/videography.  Using the latest in GIS technologies, our experience includes GIS support for environmental, archaeological, biological, UXO, gas and electrical transmission, remediation, and engineering contracts. 

Specific Services Include:

Drone imagery and videography, natural resource mapping, remote sensing, vegetation and land cover mapping, historic aerial photography processing, precision GPS-based field data collection, and GIS-based map production

Habitat Restoration

Our team understands and puts into practice the skillful manipulation of physical, chemical and biological characteristics with the goal of returning a site to its native and natural state.

Regulatory Permitting

Our resource permitting staff resolve complex regulatory problems, and know how to work effectively with the public and private sector to deliver quality products in a timely and cost effective manner. Our expertise spans subjects including wetlands and waters of the United States, lake and stream bed alterations, water quality certifications, and regulations pertaining to various special status species.

Specific services include:

Conservation Bank Permitting, Wetland Delineation/Permitting, Facility Siting and Routing, Special Status Species Assessment and Permitting, Natural Resources Management, CEQA/NEPA Compliance, and Environmental Monitoring

Water Resources Planning

Our water resources planning professionals specialize in developing plans that address scenarios that occur within any natural and man-made systems, typically contained within watersheds and which include active hydrologic, biological, economic and political systems.

Wetland Regulatory Compliance

Our specialists use extensive scientific monitoring and analysis to gather data and distribute it in easily accessible mediums. They are experienced in the most up-to-date methodology in collecting soil samples, tracking wildlife, monitoring wetlands health, surveying land and producing usable reports.

Services Include:

Permit Strategy, CEQA/NEPA Compliance, Endangered Species Act Compliance, Clean Water Act Compliance, and Lake and Streambed Alteration