Environmental Services Diablo Canyon Power Plant Decommissioning

Staff developed a Final Land Use Plan (FLUP) which determined the proposed final land use for the DCPP site post decommissioning. The FLUP describes PG&E’s preferred alternative for final decommissioned land uses at the DCPP site, including facilities to be retained, reused, repurposed, and removed. It also identifies land use, environmental, socioeconomic, engineering, and cost factors related to final land uses at the site. 

First, staff identified specific phases and tasks, including the purpose, approach, staffing requirements, and schedule for the FLUP. Second, staff identified existing constraints (i.e. State Lands Commission (SLC) lease agreement, permit requirements, and cultural resources) for the 12,500-acre DCPP property. Third, they established a baseline scope and schedule for the development of up to five alternative reuse options, and a proposed future FLUP which could ultimately be used in support of a land use application to the County for DCPP decommissioning. And lastly, they established a defendable estimate of resources, durations, basis, and funding appropriate for use with CPUC. 

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