Construction Worker
347 Group Offers Monitoring Services
347 Group is a federal Services Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and state Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise ...
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Tips for your first 90 days
Tips For Your First 90 Days
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is important to get clarity and confirmation if you are unsure ...
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Texting Etiquette 5 Simple Rules
Texting Etiquette – 5 Simple Rules
Text messaging is the fastest way of communicating in the business world.  It’s quicker than typing up an ...
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Why would you want a Staffing Company routing for you
Why Would You Want A Staffing Company Routing For You?
First of all, before you choose a staffing company to represent you, you should research them and verify ...
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The Importance Of Arriving On Time
The Importance Of Arriving On Time
Punctuality shows that you see others time as valuable, as well as your own. Punctuality helps create for ...
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Communication styles - Email Etiquette
Email Etiquette – 5 Simple Rules
We send and receive hundreds of emails every day.  So why not go over some fast and easy ...
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What makes a good resume AM
What Makes A Good Resume
Accuracy and simplicity is the best format.  Do not over embellish, state the facts and your experience.  There ...
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Top Interview Questions
Top 15 Interview Preparation Tips
Be aware of scheduling and make sure you do not have any conflicts with the interview day/time. Do ...
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Why Companies use a staffing agency
Why Companies Use A Staffing Agency: Top Benefits From Our Clients Perspective
Flexibility As their manpower needs increase, we have the ability to staff quickly with qualified candidates Ability to ...
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Thank you notes
Thank You Notes – Expressing Interest Goes A Long Way
You just nailed your interview! You got there on time, came prepared, and left feeling confident that you ...
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